Online Nomination Form

Award Eligibility & Criteria:

Nominees for the Aldershot Community Honour Roll must be or have been a resident of Aldershot for at least one year.
Nominees of all ages are welcome.
The Nominee should be someone whose leadership, vision, creativity, innovation, initiative, and/or special qualities impacted on and benefited the community of Aldershot and/or made a contribution that has been recognized beyond Aldershot.
Three awards will be given annually (honourees may be living or deceased).
One youth award for those under the age of 21 (honourees may be living or deceased).
Nominations may be typed or printed and submitted with this official nomination form.
Previous award recipients may not be re-nominated.
Members of the Honour Roll Committee may not submit nominations.
Candidates for elected office may not be nominated during election years.

    I nominate the above person, (living or deceased) for the Aldershot Community Honour Roll Award. The individual I am nominating is worthy of the award due to his/her leadership, vision, creativity, innovation, initiative and/or special qualities that have impacted on and benefited the Aldershot community and/or made a contribution beyond Aldershot. Please provide a detailed description of each of these accomplishments (at least 3 relevant examples). We encourage you as nominator to be as thorough as possible. These will enhance your submission. A minimum of one photo is required. The more information we have with details and examples the better we will understand your nominee.

    Please provide us with at least 2 references who know of and can describe your nominee's involvement in the community. Your reference may submit supporting material:

    Nominator (YOU)

    OR send this form along with all supporting documentation to,

    Aldershot Community Honour Roll- Nominations

    c/o 780 Cranston Court, Burlington, Ontario L7T 2Y5

    or call Karen Phelps at 905-510-2263